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Keeping Yourself in the Spotlight

Picture yourself logging into your analytics tracking software to find that you had a huge and unexpected surge in traffic over the past day.

What do you do? Do you celebrate? Hope another surge in traffic comes tomorrow? [click to continue…]

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6 Things NOT to do After Experiencing Success

You have just passed a huge milestone in your business. What do you do next?

Don’t rest yet! There is still plenty for you to do. However, remember that there are also plenty of things NOT to do. [click to continue…]


What is Your Hiring Strategy?

Pretend you have an important position you have to fill. Do you hire from the outside or do you promote from within?

This is a very important question you have to answer, and it is imperative that you weight the costs and benefits of each strategy. [click to continue…]


How to Effectively Lead Change in Your Company

While change is an issue we face more than any other, it is is also something we have the most difficulty dealing with.

Between identifying the actions needed to handle change, to getting your entire staff to embrace new ways of doing things, change management is a daunting practice that many managers dread.

If you are undergoing a period of transition in your company or industry, here are some things to keep in mind to help streamline the change process. [click to continue…]


Why Failure Isn’t Bad

We’re taught at an early age that failure is a bad thing. When we do poorly on tests, we receive a failing grade.

When a business goes bankrupt or dies, it is said to fail.

We are constantly reminded every day that failure is something negative. But what about the positives of failure? There are so many benefits to failing, I find it difficult to argue that failure is anything close to negative. [click to continue…]