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About Entre-Propel

Welcome to Entre-Propel – a Blog dedicated to delivering words of motivation to entrepreneurs.

My name is Matt Thomas and I write the articles here at Entre-Propel.com to help entrepreneurs deal with the various emotional difficulties associated with running a business–lack of motivation, startup difficulties, dealing with failure, as well as many others.

I am a recent graduate at Hofstra University, with degrees in both Business Management and Finance. I have been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 14, where I started my career in entrepreneurship as a web designer.

Inspiration to Blog

During the summer of 2008, I started a new venture selling bath products using search engine Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Profitability is difficult with Pay-Per-Click advertising, so throwing more and more money into this campaign yielded little results. I quickly lost my motivation to continue pursuing this business.

While speaking with my fiancée about this, I realized that this is a difficulty every entrepreneur goes through – finding the motivation and emotional optimism to persist during the startup stages when profits are non-existent.

I resolved to start a blog that would help entrepreneurs maintain the same level of motivation that they had when they came up with the initial idea for their venture.

Why Entre-Propel?

The entrepreneur of today does not have it easy. Starting a business brings with it an avalanche of tasks and issues one must overcome before they can even think about attaining profitability.

Today’s start-up entrepreneur must work extremely long hours, master all the different functions of their business and constantly take shots in the dark until they have a marketing scheme that actually works.

This blog hopes to provide words of motivation, inspiration and hope to the entrepreneur that is having doubts about his or her ability to persevere.

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