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We Want Bad Things to Happen

It hardly seems that a day goes by without new gloomy economic figures: market downturns, unemployment, consumer spending – seems like nothing but bad news.

Watch any news station or read any newspaper headline and you’ll see something depressing about the economy.

So what is really the cause of our economic problems? One post couldn’t possibly cover all of the intricacies of this financial crisis. However, there is one cause I would like to discuss: ourselves. [click to continue…]


How to Scale a Service Business

Do you offer a service heavily reliant upon your relationship with your clients?

Are you having difficulty growing without needing to dedicate more of your own time?

Pretend you have an accounting or medical practice. For the most part, your clients do business with you because they trust you as a professional, and your business generally grows because of your relationship with your clients. [click to continue…]


How to Avoid Getting Trapped at a Job

Stuck looking for start-up capital? Don’t want to give up equity to a Venture Capitalist in exchange for funding?

Your business is in desperate need of seed money, yet you don’t want to sell our soul (or your ownership) to get it.

So what is a new entrepreneur to do? Unfortunately, if we are going to be picky with how we get funding, we must resort to the one thing that has caused us to go out on our own in the first place: getting a job. [click to continue…]


Do your business operations need a boost? You can do this easily by getting a good handle on the fundamental rules of business.

A few weeks ago I wrote about one of these fundamental rules: that you must convert inputs into more valuable outputs.

As I had mentioned, converting inputs into more valuable outputs (let’s just call this a key rule) can be applied to all different disciplines of business. [click to continue…]


9 Sure-Fire Ways to Deal with Failure

Few things in life can be as painful as failing at something that your heart was truly set on.

Failure can kill your confidence, break your heart and suck away your motivation…all in one step.

Failure can’t always be avoided. You can work your hardest for the best results possible and still fail, which is when failure hurts the most. [click to continue…]


Aiming High the Right Way

Do you wish that you could squeeze more success and victory out of your business?

After examining stretch goals a few months ago, I believe a redefinition of Aiming High is in order.

Aiming High, as I have mentioned in the past, is a method that I have used to demand and achieve greater performance out of myself. It is not difficult, it doesn’t require you to be a genius. All you need to be is ambitious. [click to continue…]


30 Wonderful Articles and Sites for Self Motivation

In desperate need for some motivation?

There is never a shortage of information on the web, with the topic of motivation as no exception.

Below are 30 articles and sites for motivation, so you will never be at a loss for ways to motivate yourself when you are feeling discouraged. [click to continue…]


What are you spending most of your time doing?

Pretend you recently started a new business. What do you picture yourself doing?

Are you cleaning up your new office? Sorting your staff into departments? Ensuring all of your equipment and computers are up to date or planning numerous meetings with your accountant and banker to talk about financing? [click to continue…]


Book Review: The Art of Learning

About a week ago I finished reading The Art of Learning, by Josh Waitzkin. What a fantastic book! This book is a must read for anyone. Especially the ambitious.

Just as a little background, the author, Waitzkin was a multiple-time national chess champion and competed in multiple world championships. He was subject of the novel and movie: Searching for Bobby Fischer and had been a seemingly natural chess wizard since the age of nine. [click to continue…]


The Power of a Simple Business Model

Is simplicity something we search for? Or is it right in front of us, staring at us every single day?

In my previous post, I discussed the idea of freeing our lives of excess so we can achieve true financial freedom.

Now, I would like to examine the essence of entrepreneurship and how we can learn from breaking the fundamentals of business down to its core. [click to continue…]