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Is Innovation Necessary to Survive?

Does your product need to be innovative in order to succeed, or does it just have to be unique?

Can you be innovative in other ways rather than offering an innovative product?

Sure you can! While innovation can help with marketing and lead generation, it can also make you leaner, more flexible and more creative. [click to continue…]

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Is Trust Important in Business?

Yes, yes. This is a rhetorical question. Of course trust is important in business!

With widespread uncertainty and distrust in the economy today, it is even more important that your company remains trustworthy.

However, if you hope to appear trustworthy to everyone, it is important that you actually are trustworthy to everyone. This includes your customers, suppliers, employees…even your competitors. [click to continue…]


See My Guest Post at Daily Entrepreneur Tip

Brian Linton, blog author of Nothing to Lose has recently launched a new blog called Daily Entrepreneur Tip.

The blog delivers short entrepreneurial tips, in 150 words or less from various entrepreneurs.

Yours truly has recently contributed a motivational tip of my own. You can feel free to read it here.

The blog itself is a great read and very useful for getting succinct daily tips for running your business.



Stop! Do you really think you are ready to start your new business venture?

Did you know there are a series of steps you must take before even starting your business?

While you don’t want to spend too much time planning and researching for your business, there are certain tasks you must ensure you have checked off before starting up. [click to continue…]


How to Revive a Dead Project in 8 Easy Steps

Do you have a long list of ideas or projects you have never gotten around to working on?

Entrepreneurs are constantly identifying new opportunities. In fact, a common problem entrepreneurs face is not coming up with ideas, but finding time to follow through with them all.

To solve this problem, I have listed eight steps that will break this habit of procrastinating good ideas, and instead, help to bring old projects back from the dead. [click to continue…]