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Different Ways You Can Define Yourself – Part IV of IV

Is your business doomed to wallow in net loss hell for years to come? Have you given up on your business’ ability to deliver you any profits?

Fear not! You are in a slump and it is important to do what you can to get out of it.

In the final part of this series, I cover the business owner who has resigned them self to pessimism and negativity: the underachiever, or the below average aimer.

If you are aiming for below average goals or are an underachiever, your approach to success is most likely pessimistic and your are doubtful that your business will experience any true success. There is a chance you may even feel as if your business is destined to fail and that your negative outlook has sucked away your motivation.

The first and foremost thing you should do if you discover that you fall into this category is not to worry! I can’t think of one person who is immune to falling into a slump. We all lose confidence in something at one time or another and our motivation seeps away.

The trick is that you need to find an effective way back to optimism, remove the negativity from your life, and get motivated again.

Consider reading some inspirational books. These books are written to inspire you and motivate you. They often do a very good job at this as well. Pick up a best selling inspirational book from your local bookstore or library and try to get some of that optimism back.

You should also read up on the powers of optimism and the dangerous power of pessimism. Consider some different ways to combat doubt, and see if they can work for you. In this case, it might be a good idea to surround yourself with some positive people and avoid the negative thinking ones, at least until you are out of a slump. This may help you adapt a better outlook on your own abilities.

Finally, consider finding a mentor. Mentors would be great in helping you navigate through some of your day to day problems as well as some broader issues. This may, in turn, assist you in learning more effective ways to tackle obstacles and give you a better perspective on the problems your business faces. They may also be able to reassure you that a lot of the doubts and problems your business is having are common ones and may have some tips on how they combat their own doubts and avoid slumps.

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