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Different Ways You Can Define Yourself – Part III of IV

Are you starting to feel resigned to the average success of your business? You need a confidence booster!

Your business may be profitable and you are making a somewhat predictable net profit every year, however you feel you deserve more. You feel that you should be sharing in the success of some of the more rapidly growing businesses.

In part three of this four part series, I cover someone who defines them self as the average achiever.

As an average achiever, you feel that you are no better than the next business owner, you aim for an average reaching goal, maybe a salary or to at least to attain profitability. You don’t believe you can achieve higher levels of success and are cynical in your ability to lead your business to the next level.

Many people feel this way, however setting this barrier for yourself does not help you attain any stellar results.

If you are happy and content with these results and enjoy the level of business you have, either for the simplicity it grants you, the enjoyment the size of your business gives you or the extra time you get to spend with your family, good for you, the above description probably doesn’t apply to you. By all means your first and foremost priority for yourself is YOUR happiness. If you don’t want any significant growth, than you should continue to aim for what makes you happy.

However, if you continually ask yourself “what if?”, if you wish you were making more money or that your business were more successful, it is important that you have confidence in your abilities to lead your business and to target higher than an average set of goals.

It is vital that you shake up your apathy or resigned contentment with the status quo and boost your outlook on what you believe you can accomplish.

Reading up on small business success stories may help boost your confidence, but what works for me is reading some best selling business books. Not only do I enjoy reading them but some do a very good job at coaching you and giving you ideas for running a more successful business.

I have already named a few: The 4-Hour Workweek, E-Myth Mastery and Ready Fire Aim. Dan Kennedy’s How to Make Millions with Your Ideas, while dated, is a great book for giving you marketing ideas.

Finally, you should ask yourself why you don’t think you deserve more, or why you don’t think you can accomplish more. I doubt you can come up with a good enough answer. If you are working hard for yourself, of course you deserve what you want and of course you can achieve it. It is only a matter of maintaining confidence and aiming higher.

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