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Different Ways You Can Define Yourself – Part II of IV

Do you wish you could squeeze just a little more success out of your business? Maybe the objectives you are looking to accomplish can be slightly more ambitious.

In this four part series, I describe different ways you can define yourself that may affect the success of your business. I also explain ways you can teach yourself to stretch your goals even further so you can demand more progress out of your enterprise.

In part 2 of this series, I describe: the Above Average Achiever.

As an above average achiever, you set only mild stretch goals for yourself and may often doubt your ability to achieve them. You may not be confident enough to think you can accomplish something seemingly astronomical. You are probably ambitious and motivated, but the problem is that your motivations are being allocated to goals that don’t pull you far enough.

In order to move from being an above average achiever, or someone who sees themselves as moderately successful, to becoming a successful overachiever, you should first look at the successes you have met already, as well as the goals you are aiming for presently. You should then ask yourself what is needed to take these objectives one step further. Knowing what you have attained already will give you a better idea as to what is needed additionally to accomplish something one step more ambitious.

You don’t need to jump from being moderately ambitious to aiming to be the next billionaire all in one step. You may find it easier and less of a shock if you use the small wins technique towards being incrementally more high-achieveing.

Asking yourself why you aren’t aiming higher may also shed some light on what doubts you have in you or your business. You may also discover some present difficulties that your business is encountering. Consciously recognizing this can help you look to fix this right away.

Sometimes what may help is simply reading other’s success stories. It may inspire you knowing that others have been through similar difficulties or trouble spots, yet were still able to plow through.

If you have any other sources of inspiration, by all means, try this as well. The important thing is not how you do it, but the fact that you are aiming more ambitiously so your business can achieve even more.

Stay tuned for the next posting on the average aimer, and what they can do to target more ambitiously.

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