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Book Review: The Art of Learning

About a week ago I finished reading The Art of Learning, by Josh Waitzkin. What a fantastic book! This book is a must read for anyone. Especially the ambitious.

Just as a little background, the author, Waitzkin was a multiple-time national chess champion and competed in multiple world championships. He was subject of the novel and movie: Searching for Bobby Fischer and had been a seemingly natural chess wizard since the age of nine.

Searching for Bobby Fischer was released around the time Waitzkin was 16. The publicity hurt his game and his love for chess.

A few years later, Waitzkin found a new love: Push Hands Tai Chi. Incorporating his learning style into his new art, Waitzkin quickly rose to become a world champion in two different kinds of Push Hands competitions.

Based on this background (basically a brief summary of the introduction), Josh’s experiences have proven that he has mastered how to learn. He shares his techniques with the reader and are quite inspiring.

These techniques are applicable to any trade, with business and entrepreneurship as no exception. Reading this book with an entrepreneurial lens has revealed to me many new techniques in approaching business as a concept, science and art.

An underlying theme to this book is that in order to remain competitive, we must constantly improve. We have to search, study, research and learn new ways to perform in our trade.

Business is probably the best example of a trade where we must constantly improve so we can not only compete, but survive in an ever increasing competitive environment.

Josh presents clear and well articulated methods for how to learn, improve and learn some more. His tactics for optimizing performance, concentration and recovery time are awe inspiring.

I would be doing a grave injustice to this wonderful book if I attempted to summarize his techniques here, so I urge you to read the book yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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