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Who Needs a Method When You Have Motivation?

Does knowing how to do something necessarily mean you care enough for something to get done?

What if you know nothing about a given project, subject, department or industry, yet you are motivated to learn or succeed in this area? Does this impassioned person stand a greater likelihood of flourishing than the individual who already knows the subject?

In this post, I will describe why being motivated and having passion in a given area is a much more powerful driving force than having the “methods” to getting something done.

Motivation will help you find methods

Your uncertainty on how to tackle a problem will quickly be cleared away if you have enough motivation to succeed in your desired area. If you are unknowledgeable in a given subject, be it in an industry you hope to enter, or a business process, yet have plenty of motivation, you will find a way to get what you need accomplished.

In the face of true motivation, lack of methods will prove to be a tiny obstacle

Motivation is a much stronger driving force than know-how. Just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you will be willing to accomplish it.

However, if you are motivated enough to achieve, not knowing how to complete something will seem like an insignificant road block. Learning about your topic of interest will seem like a straightforward solution and you will find yourself proactively looking for answers rather than stressing over not knowing something.

Methods can be flawed, motivation will work through and fix flaws

Who’s to say that the standard way of doing something is the best way accomplish a given task? Methods can be flawed, inefficient and maybe even harmful.

There is no flaws in motivation. In fact, being motivated will help you locate flaws without being discouraged. An unmotivated person following methods will simply shrug their shoulders and continue to use the methods they know, even if they know it is defective.

Not everything requires a method in order to be completed, but it does require motivation

You can have the smartest people in the world working on a project for you. If their hearts aren’t in it, there is no way the project is getting done.

Some things may require know-how and methods, while others don’t. However, EVERY project requires motivation in order for it to move anywhere.

Having the knowledge to complete something doesn’t mean you want to see something through to success. Motivation, however is what drives a project to the finish line and is what gives someone the desire to learn, succeed and even obtain know-how.

Apply these points to your business. You may be discouraged about entering into an industry in which you know nothing about, or in taking on a role in which you have little experience. Don’t fret! If you have a strong enough desire to prevail, nothing will stop you from learning what you need to learn in order to prosper.

There are plenty of “industry leaders” that clearly possess know-how on how to succeed in their area. Yet, their culture, customer service and drive shows that the company lacks motivation to truly deliver an outstanding product. This is your edge! Your heightened passion and motivation can lead you to success far beyond that of your competitors. You just have to remain impassioned and be committed to meeting your goals.

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