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6 Things NOT to do After Experiencing Success

You have just passed a huge milestone in your business. What do you do next?

Don’t rest yet! There is still plenty for you to do. However, remember that there are also plenty of things NOT to do.

1. DON’T Try to Avoid Future Failure

Failure is an essential preamble to success. Chances are, you probably have experienced many failures before attaining this most recent success.

If you want to enjoy future success, don’t start avoiding failure. Continue to embrace it and seek to learn from setbacks whenever possible.

Failure is an important step in the process of trial and error. Thus, don’t avoid failure as it will only bring about more inaction.

2. DON’T Think You are Immune to Failure or Making Mistakes

On the flip side, don’t allow yourself to think that you are immune to failure, either.

Experiencing success does not equal continuing success. You are still vulnerable to failure, so while you shouldn’t avoid failure, you also shouldn’t take unnecessary risks or continue pursuing a project that is clearly unprofitable.

3. DON’T Stop Making Future Goals

Just because you have accomplished this goal doesn’t mean you can start to take it easy.

If you want to continue to enjoy success, you need to keep setting ambitious goals and consistently stretch yourself even further.

Allowing too much time between goal setting will bring about complacency. You’ll also overestimate your strengths, underestimate your weaknesses and forsake continued growth.

Your newest success should motivate you to reach even higher. You have found a technique that works–this is a great indicator for you to keep moving forward, not stopping.

4. DON’T Let a Success go by Unrewarded

Just because you shouldn’t stop setting goals doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your recent achievements.

Giving yourself and your staff a reward for an achievement will tie success with a good experience. This is important because it will allow you to look forward to the next success, since you know a reward is coming.

5. DON’T Ignore the Failures You’ve Made

Remember, failures are excellent opportunities to learn. Make sure that after experiencing a success, you reflect on the failures you have made so you know what mistakes can be avoided in the future.

Neglecting previous failures will make your next success that much more difficult to accomplish and will make you dramatically less competitive.

6. DON’T Ignore Successes

While you should identify what you have done wrong during your road to success, you should also identify what you have done correctly. This is extremely important since you will want to know what steps you took that helped contribute to your success in a positive way.

Being able to identify these steps will allow you to emulate these best practices again, so future success comes quicker.

Are there any other things you absolutely SHOULDN’T do after experiencing success?

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  • Cheryl-StartupBizTalk April 5, 2009, 11:29 am

    I agree with Number 1 particularly. Trying to avoid failure is what usually stops entrepreneurs from achieving. Learning from mistakes is what makes us stronger–we just have to realize how to balance the two. We can’t just jump out there and do anything; yet we can’t just plan all day without doing anything.

    Great post!

    Cheryl-StartupBizTalk’s last blog post..Audaciousness + Confidence = Your Startup + Persistence

    • Matt Thomas April 5, 2009, 7:08 pm

      Number 1 is my favorite, too. Feeling as if you won’t accomplish something or that you won’t tackle an obstacle will only make it that much more difficult to overcome. We need to be willing to address failure or obstacles head on, and feel confident in our abilities if we hope to succeed.

      Thanks for the comment!

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