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Aiming High – How Being Ambitious Will Lead to Success

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a concept called aiming high in one of my posts. I think it is very important to understand just what aiming high is and how important it is for your success.

However, it is also important to know how it is especially appropriate to apply this concept to your daily practice of running your business.

For those of you who want a quick synopsis of aiming high, aiming high is the practice of setting high and ambitious goals and being motivated enough to achieve them. It thrives on the belief that the only barrier that stands between you and success is yourself: what you believe you can and cannot achieve. [click to continue…]


What Lehman Brothers, AIG and WaMu All Have in Common

The failure of these companies has created quite unprecedented conditions in the financial markets. There are a lot of buzzwords that we have been hearing as to why these companies have failed: debt, risk, sub-prime, greed and many, many others. But there is one key reason for this entire mess and it presents a valuable lesson for all of us entrepreneurs, managers and investors alike as to what to do and what not to do.

What is the true reason for this crisis? Its very simple: these businesses all had a short-term outlook. Allow me to explain: CEOs are under a tremendous amount of pressure from shareholders to generate stellar returns as quickly as possible. The board of directors, acting on behalf of the shareholders want a return and they want one now. They view returns on a quarterly basis, NOT a yearly basis. If there is a similar company generating even larger returns than this company, this company’s CEO is seen as doing a poor job. He/she will need to amend the company’s portfolio of assets to make sure that this company delivers like (or greater) returns. Otherwise, the CEO is fired. [click to continue…]


How to Give Your Time UNLIMITED Value

How would you like to earn $600 per hour? How about $2,000? $10,000? Sound enticing? Well, if you know how valuable your time as a business owner could be, this shouldn’t sound that enticing at all.

Why? Firstly because this ties a specific, fixed value to your time. Granted, earning $10k per hour is a lot of money, allowing you to earn $20 million dollars a year if you work 40 hours per week, but it still requires you to actually be there, doing the work in order to make the money.

In order to earn money this way, you are required to work in order to maintain your current pay. I find the concept of working to grow your bottom line much more fascinating and much more worthwhile. [click to continue…]


Why Your Business Can Be the Next Google

Why can’t it? What stops your business from being the next Google?

It turns out that business owners fabricate many reasons why they can’t experience the same massive success and resort to competing at the bottom of the business “food chain”.

It is for this reason I would like to introduce the concept of aiming high and how it can lead to enormous success. [click to continue…]


10 Things to Do When Doubting Yourself

As discussed in my last post, negativity and skepticism of success is something to be avoided. However, we are only human and we are bound to encounter negative or doubting thoughts at one time or another.

Now that we have established the importance positive thinking is to your success, I would like to discuss some ways to combat doubtful thinking when it inevitably arises.

I find that I doubt myself quite frequently, and while I know how important it is to be positive, I can’t help but do it anyway. [click to continue…]


The 4 Powers of Optimism

Allow me to tell you a little story about my first job as a pharmacy employee.

I loved my first job. I loved the hard work, the responsibility and the feeling of accomplishment.

I started this job at 16 as a stock clerk at my local pharmacy and within three months, received my first promotion.

After a few more months, I was granted my second promotion into the store’s management. My positive attitude and my motivation, I feel, got me my promotions. [click to continue…]


5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Working for Yourself

The beginning stages of starting your own business is tough. It is both time consuming and financially difficult.

It is easy for business owners in the very beginning stages of starting a business to get discouraged and consider re-entering the workforce, since chances are that you are bringing in little revenue.

While this may seem tempting, it is also important to re-evaluate all of the reasons you initially left your previous job to start your own business. [click to continue…]