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The 4 Powers of Optimism

Allow me to tell you a little story about my first job as a pharmacy employee.

I loved my first job. I loved the hard work, the responsibility and the feeling of accomplishment.

I started this job at 16 as a stock clerk at my local pharmacy and within three months, received my first promotion.

After a few more months, I was granted my second promotion into the store’s management. My positive attitude and my motivation, I feel, got me my promotions. [click to continue…]


5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Working for Yourself

The beginning stages of starting your own business is tough. It is both time consuming and financially difficult.

It is easy for business owners in the very beginning stages of starting a business to get discouraged and consider re-entering the workforce, since chances are that you are bringing in little revenue.

While this may seem tempting, it is also important to re-evaluate all of the reasons you initially left your previous job to start your own business. [click to continue…]